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Client Testimonials

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Child Custody Attorney at LawChristy E. Draper has been amazing to work with, I love her dedication and unyielding perseverance to get the job done. Thanks for all your help. Julie P.

Draper Legal took care of my legal nightmare. If I ever need legal assistance again, I would without a doubt use this legal team. Thanks again. Steve W.

I don't know how you did it but you are amazing. Thank you for helping me through one of the toughest times of my life. Everything worked out just fine. Susan M.

When it just seemed like no one wanted to listen to me or hear my case, I was introduced to Christy Draper, she was able to help me when most people said why bother. Thanks Christy. John M.

All I can say is thanks, which does not seem to express how thankful I really am. No one knows how tough things were for me except my immediate family and Draper Legal. I made it through with your help and I am certain without you, my future would have been very different. I am glad that I had the right team on my side lead by Christy Draper. Thanks Again! Jimmy W.

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